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Immigration Attorney David Lesperance Discusses Expatriation As One Way to Potentially Avoid Proposed Wealth Tax

As the 2020 presidential election draws closer, discussions about the economy and taxes are heating up. For many high net worth (HNW) Americans, proposals such as Elizabeth Warran’s wealth tax are causing some trepidation. Lawyer David Lesperance, immigration and international tax consultant, and managing partner at Lesperance & Associates, specializes in helping high net worth individuals […]

Immigration Attorney David Lesperance Explains 3 Reasons Why Americans Renounce Citizenship

Depending on who you ask, the “American Dream” may be a fire burning bright or a dwindling spark on the horizon. While thousands of people still seek and obtain U.S. citizenship every year, thousands of others renounce it. David Lesperance, an immigration lawyer, tax consultant, and managing partner at Lesperance & Associates says the reasons people […]

Tax and Immigration Expert David Lesperance Helps Wealthy Tech Founders & Their Families Secure Financially Stable Futures

For centuries, California, along with the rest of the U.S. Pacific Coast, was known as the Wild West, an almost-mythical territory unknown to most East Coast inhabitants, including the throngs of European immigrants who had relatively recently made America home. Just as the promise of a new, free world enticed the Pilgrims and thousands after, […]

Immigration Law & International Tax Consultant David Lesperance Helps High Net Worth Clients Obtain Second Citizenships

For as long as humans have inhabited the earth, individuals and groups have ventured forth from their homelands and communities in search of something more. Initially, these journeys were most often inspired by the need to escape hardship, such as food scarcity, natural disasters, or violence. As humans evolved, however, so did their needs. The […]